• Musician since 1989 (guitar teacher, singer)
• Sound engineer since 1996
Owner of “Studio Voltaire” (mastering, mixing, audio restoration in Paris) since 2000; worked and works on wellknown artist’s tunes, such as Tony Allen, Roy Ayers, Rodolphe Burger, Popof, 69dB, Jamalski, Capleton, The Do, Doctor L…
• Promoter
2000 : launched the ‘TesT’ party makers crew in Paris, promoted hundreds of electronic events over 12 years in France
• DJ
“Dj Beru”, well known in the underground scene since 2000 for his open minded heavy and technic ragga / drum’n bass sets, several residencies in the best clubs in Paris : Rex Club, Batofar, Glazart, Flèche d’Or…
• Producer
first “Dr Drake Ramoray” hardcore releases 2005 (Le Diable Au Corps, Audiogenic), some “Dj Beru” drum’n bass releases (Les Disques d’en Face, Jungle X…) since 2008, “Hurukan” techno project releases since 2011 on Fish Rec [UK], Sweetpeak Rec / Audiogenic [FR], Squarepeg / Universal [UK], Arrêt d’Urgence Rec [FR], System Recordings [US], Phrench Rec [MG/US]
• 2014 : relaunches Tracker (Audiogenic’s techno dedicated sub label, first ran by wellknown french producer Lowkey) as a.d. and sound engineer. The credibility of both Audiogenic and Hurukan allows the label to be back with artists and remixers such as Djamency & Oliver’X, Lowkey & Kardinal, Da Fresh, Noisebuilder, Dave the Drumer…