The Advent vs Industrialyzer

Sometimes you meet people with a background similar to your own, with whom you have an immediate mutual understanding of what’s important. This is basically what happened when Cisco Ferreira (The Advent) and Ricardo Rodrigues (Industrialyzer) met in 2007.

Not a huge surprise, considering their shared Portuguese heritage, and ‘don’t mess with me’ attitude; essential when setting your own terms. The bottom line of those terms is to always keep control over your own music and career, without giving in to trends, politics, or other temptations.

Ever since they started working together, there’s been a constant exchange of musical ideas, sketches, and soundscapes. Their synergy makes for a unique interpretation of the Techno spectrum; a style that clearly resonates with both colleagues and the crowd, as The Advent vs Industrialyzer appear on just as many leading labels as they play major festivals and relevant clubs. Drumcode, MB Electronics, Hardgroove, Kombination Research and Bush Records are just a few of the brands that gladly welcome the duo’s music.

Wherever they go, Cisco and Ricardo are welcomed with massive cheers, before having played a single bar of their explosive live show. During their sets it’s full force ahead from the first minute. No tedious intros, no complications…. Just pure, raw, high quality Techno for the kids to dance their socks off!

They also run a label called Codeworks. Because they’re releasing a lot of records on other people’s platforms, it felt right to have an outlet just for creations from The Advent vs Industrialyzer.